Weather Alarms App Reviews

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Not Free....

This is just like every other “free” app you come across lately. There’s constant pop up ads to pay for the full version that’s an astronomical 40$ for three months. I’ll stick with whatever is on my phone that’s free.

I need my money back

So I thought the app was free and I got it. I will admit it was my fault for not reading the prompts before giving it access to charge me. I immediately uninstalled the app and forgot about it. Months later , I am being charged $19.99 for something I am not using. I need my money back but I can’t even find a contact person or number.

This is not a free app

It appears free in the App Store and then you will get billed for a $40 every 3 month subscription fee. You have been warned.

Money waste don’t buy

Its common application iPhone original weather apps is better than


Omg cute trick, guys. WTFORECAST is way better and free. I could literally lick my finger, stick it in the air and find out “what the forecast is”. Don’t pay for this. Now searching for school in weather forecasting....


I am extremely upset because this app took 19.99 +tax from me and I did not get this app. I am looking for a contact so I can speak to these people and I can not find it anywhere.


I think it’s dumb that they are making me pay just to see the weather alerts like 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Why do I need to pay for that. I know tons of other apps that will let me look at the alerts for free


WAAAAYYYYY to many adds!


Steep subscription price for what a lot of other apps can do for free.

Adds adds adds

This app is useless. U cant even move your finger bcs if u do, some add will pop up 😡 This app should be called Adds alarm instead Weather alarm.

Rip off

Seriously, they want to charge 20.00 a month for weather. Saw that and immediately uninstalled.

Not a free app

This is not a free app and it will not give accurate weather until you have paid for the service.


Why should I pay $20 when it can’t find my location


It said it was 23 but it’s really 80 outside. Also, it’s $19.99 a month. Nah

This app can’t find me!

I tried everything! This app will not find my location! Not worth the money!!


You guys are greedy. You can’t even see how the app works unless you pay 🙄

Dont do it

You literally can’t check the weather without a thousand pop ups.


I tried to cancel my subscription and it won’t let me! Please stop my subscription!


So many ads and you have to pay once you download it


Seriously expensive for subscriptions

Ads everywhere

I can’t even check the weather without 500 ads popping up every second. It’s horrible


برنامج حلو


I downloaded it and I could not do any thing because of the adds I need to give it a - star this blows

Don’t download

Too expensive

Do not download!!!!

The temperature is not right.Where I live it said it was 20 when it was actually 71 degrees.

Pay for the weather?!

Why would anyone pay for a weather app?! Ridiculous!! Don’t bother downloading




مش حلو بكلللللللل


Very bad software and hope to remove it from store

I’m getting angry very angry

So the app it’s ok, it gives accurate weather, and you can choose other states and see the weather there, I like how it shows rainfall amount, and were the moon is at, i thought that was neat, but oh my goodness, I am so sick of ads popping up asking me to pay for what notifications, when I could literally go to another weather app and have notifications for free, it really makes me angry, and that’s the exact reason it’s being thrown off my phone, if you stop pushing people so much to buy something they don’t want, Mabey then people would get this app, please do not ever get this app, because I won’t, ever again.

Too Funny

Paying $20 a month for notifications. We get those for free from other apps already. LOL. Bait and switch much?

Do not download

It has never had the right temperature where I live. Says it is -13 outside when it is 7 degrees. This morning said it was -11 when it was 13. Don’t waste your time downloading it. Only get like 10 before they want you to go premium.

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