Weather Alarms App Reviews

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مش حلو بكلللللللل


Very bad software and hope to remove it from store

I’m getting angry very angry

So the app it’s ok, it gives accurate weather, and you can choose other states and see the weather there, I like how it shows rainfall amount, and were the moon is at, i thought that was neat, but oh my goodness, I am so sick of ads popping up asking me to pay for what notifications, when I could literally go to another weather app and have notifications for free, it really makes me angry, and that’s the exact reason it’s being thrown off my phone, if you stop pushing people so much to buy something they don’t want, Mabey then people would get this app, please do not ever get this app, because I won’t, ever again.

Too Funny

Paying $20 a month for notifications. We get those for free from other apps already. LOL. Bait and switch much?

Do not download

It has never had the right temperature where I live. Says it is -13 outside when it is 7 degrees. This morning said it was -11 when it was 13. Don’t waste your time downloading it. Only get like 10 before they want you to go premium.

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